Fed Up: Time to Break Your Scale


I must first start off by saying this post was a collaborated writing. By my friend Stacie and myself.    Ok, I have a client who just ran her longest distance ever in a race, who added 15 lbs to her sled push, so she’s now shoving 215 down the turf and who keeps …

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5 Considerations When Doing HIIT


  The word HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is thrown around a lot in the fitness industry. Side Note: Don’t call it HIIT Training its like saying ATM Machine. Or High Intensity Interval Training Training it just don’t make sense. HIIT is a great way to increase your anaerobic …

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You’re an Athlete: So Train Like One


I hear it all the time from my athletes who think they know what their goals are. “I want to lift heavy weights” or “I want big arms” or “Isn’t CrossFit better for athletic development?” These questions come from not knowing the difference between a bodybuilding or mass program, a …

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